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House Rules

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My goal as your child care provider is to ensure your children a safe, clean, comfortable environment they can grow and learn in. If any of the house rules seem unfair or unnecessary, please just take a moment to put yourself in my shoes and that of the other parents and children as well. All of the children here a very important to me and I want to provide each one of them an environment they can thrive in.

~ My home is filled with impressionable children so please do not smoke, curse or be disrespectful to any person in my home. I want all the children to feel comfortable and at ease in my home.

~ Pack or keep me stocked with all the items necessary for your child’s day with me. Things such as formula, diapers, pull ups, wipes and a change of clothes.

~ Bring your children dressed to be ready for a day of fun with us. I will only be changing your child’s clothes if they are soiled. Please remember that a day of fun with my family often includes paints, markers and outdoor activities.

~ Call me if your child will not be coming to care. This way I won’t be waiting and I can possibly rearrange the day’s activities so your child doesn’t miss out on an exciting activity. You will still be responsible for payment of any missed day other than the holidays listed below. You are paying for a spot, not for a day.

~ I will be taking the following days off at no charge to the parent: 1) Day of and after Thanksgiving 2)Christmas Eve and Christmas day 3) July 4th 4) Memorial Day 5) Labor Day......If you are working a holiday and have no provider, please let me know as I am usually able to make special arrangements to accommodate your needs.

~ I will be taking a two week vacation. I will make every effort to provide an alternate care giver in my home for your convenience. You do not have to pay for my vacation time if you chose not to use the alternate care giver.

~ No payment is expected for parental vacations, (that child does not attend care), as long as I am given two weeks notice of the vacation.

~ Because little hands pick up big germs, do not bring your child to care if they are vomiting, have a fever, diarrhea, lice or a contagious rash or infection. If you are in question, just give me a call and we will decide together.

~ Your child will not be “spanked” while in my care. I will first try to redirect behavior and then use “time-out” as a last resort.

~ I will be providing you with a weekly menu of breakfast and lunch to be served. Please pack a lunch or breakfast for your child if they do not like what we are serving that day.

~ I will give you a Daily Activity Report for you child. It will list what your child ate, how long naps were and what activities your child enjoyed. The Daily Activity Report also has a Behavior Chart. It will note if we had any problems and in what area problems may have occurred. It will also have reward stickers for the areas where there were no problems. It is encouraging to the children to see all the stickers. So, when you come in, please feel free to take a look at it and praise your children. I’m very proud of them and I know you must be also.




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